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Read Music for Guitar – Beginner’s Course is based on the book, Guitar In Real Time Level 1. Learn music reading and guitar playing technique together, from a book written for absolute beginners. Get the music used in the UDEMY course, plus some additional content not included in the course. Get the book here.

Do you want to learn basic strumming and all the basic chords? Get the strumming techniques that will put you on a level to play with others. Take Guitar Chords and Strumming for Beginners on Udemy, or Skillshare.

Guitar Bar (Barre) Chord Course

If you’ve already mastered basic open chords and want to develop your bar chord playing skills, get the course below. It has exercises that will help to develop muscle memory and build strength so that you can play all over the guitar neck.

How to Play Guitar Bar Chords – The no pain, only GAIN, way to master bar chords on guitar.

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Learn to write Guitar Standard Notation and TAB with this FREE course Write Guitar Music Notation & TAB with Noteflight FREE

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Watch a review on courses available at Berklee Music College Online.