Guitar Bar Chord Charts

Guitar bar chord charts are useful for learning all of the possible bar chords. It’s a milestone achievement for every player, and mastering this technique opens up the entire guitar fretboard.  You can develop your bar chord playing skills with this exercise or get details about a totally FREE course on developing skills to play bar chords here.

If you are not yet ready for bar chords, checkout the basic chords on this page.

Playing a Bar Chord on Guitar

If you haven’t mastered bar chords yet, then help is available… FREE help! Checkout this page for details and get the get a free 45 minute video course absolutely FREE.

Try playing Lindsey Buckingham’s Never Going Back Again to test your bar chord and finger style playing skills in this post.

Learn to play ANY Guitar Chord

Once you can play bar chords it’s  important to then get to know ALL of the chord types all over the fretboard.  However, because there are so many of them, this task is quite challenging.  If you are at this stage, read on for some hot tips on how to learn bar chords.

One way to learn bar chords is to get hold of some chord charts and just learn the shapes. Or, you could buy a chord book that may have 100’s of chord charts.  Then, all you need to do is memorize them!

Or, is there a better way? Yes! A better way is to learn the scale degrees on each string and fret that are relative to the chord root so that you can assemble and name your own chords.  If this seems difficult, watch the following video and you may find that it’s probably easier than you think.

FREE guitar bar chord charts for this video: HOW TO NAME ANY CHORD PART 1

FREE guitar bar chord charts for this Part 2 video: HOW TO NAME ANY CHORD PART 2

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