The Segovia Scales for Guitar – FREE Downloads

Andres Segovia, the 20th Century’s most famous Classical Guitar ambassador spoke about scales: “The practice of scales enables one to solve a greater number of technical problems in a shorter time than … any other exercise.”

Segovia had his students practice scales in all keys to develop both right and left hand technique and to gain fluency of the fretboard. You can gain the same advantages by learning and practicing these scales. Watch the videos below to see how the scales are played. You’ll learn how to play the scale patterns and shorten your learning time.

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look inside Andres Segovia The Finest Pieces from his Repertoire. Composed by Andres Segovia. Edited by Segovia. Arranged by Andres Segovia. This edition: Paperback/Soft Cover. Sheet music. Gitarren-Archiv (Guitar Archive). Classical, Collection. 96 pages. Schott Music #GA 520. Published by Schott Music (HL.49010933).
look inside Diatonic Major And Minor Scales Composed by Andres Segovia. Scales. Instructional book. With standard guitar notation, fingerings and introductory text. Columbia Music Company #494-00195. Published by Columbia Music Company (PR.494001950).
look inside Daily Studies Guitar Solo. Composed by Andres Segovia. This edition: Folding. Sheet music. Gitarren-Archiv (Guitar Archive). Classical. 7 pages. Schott Music #GA 178. Published by Schott Music (HL.49010740).

Segovia Scales – The Missing Link – How to Master the Right Hand Finger Patterns

Learn how to master the right-hand 3-finger pattern used in the published Scales used by Segovia to teach Guitar. This video uses the 1st of Segovia’s Scales in the key of C Major.

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Find some more basic 1st position guitar scales on this page.  Spend time with those scales first if you feel that the Segovia scales are too advanced.

The 2nd Segovia Scale – Part 2 Video

Watch the video below to learn Segovia’s A-minor 3-octave scale. Segovia uses melodic minor for the minor keys. In classical music you play the melodic minor ascending. Then you play natural minor while descending.

Segovia’s A-minor 3-octave scale

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