Guitar Music Note Flash Cards

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Use flash cards to learn music reading. It’s a really effective way to learn. What you do is to practice naming the notes and verbalize the string and fret names of the guitar that the note can be played on. Do this alone or with the help of someone else. Since most people have smart phones these days, you can also download apps for this.

Rather than using a smart phone app, sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best. Use printed flash-cards to shuffle and repeat notes that you are learning. You can either buy manufactured cards for this, or print the sheets on this page to make your own.

Free pdf guitar music note flash cards

Free pdf guitar music note flash cards
Test yourself or your students with these treble clef note images. Note names are on the back if you print both sides.

guitar music note flash card description

Printout the free guitar music note flash cards that feature music notes printed on treble clef.  Each “natural” music note has its own card included in the sheets.  The notes covered go up to the 5th fret of the guitar.  Sheets are arranged in pairs and the flip side of each pair lists string names, note names and fret numbers. This enables friends, parents and other relatives to use the card sized images to help someone to learn the notes.

Print the sheets double-sided thick paper if possible.  Otherwise, glue separate  front and back sheets together and let the glue dry before cutting up.

Cut up the sheets to create card sized images. Multiple images arranged on standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ (USA standard letter sized) sheets and there are line along which you should cut.  Cut along the lines surrounding the images to create the card sized flash cards.  Front sheets have notes and the backs have string names and frets.


How to Use Guitar Note Flash Cards


After creating and cutting out the individual cards use the following method to learn the note names.

  1. Select the cards for the notes that you or your student will practice.
  2. Shuffle and stack the cards with only the top one showing
  3. Play the note on guitar and name the note. Alternatively, name the string and fret number.
  4. Check the back of the card, if required, to confirm that the answer is correct.
  5. Go to the next card and repeat from step 3

Learn guitar notes like this during the early stages of music reading and it will make playing music easier. Use this method for your own practice or for teaching.  You can make up your own set from the pdf file on this page, or buy printed cards from the link below.

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