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Budget Ukulele Shootout

In the Budget Ukulele Review we compare models with street price of around $100. Some well meaning advice: Avoid buying the absolute cheapest instrument when starting to play an instrument.

When shopping for any instrument, it’s always a personal judgement. I chose one of these to keep. Based on the video, it’s likely that you would choose a different model. I made my choice based on three things, the feedback that I feel while playing the instrument, the quality, and the price.

Here are the models played in the video:

If you want more tips on buying plus some additional info on two of these models, check this page where two of the four models are compared and reviewed.

Which one did I Choose?

Which one did I choose? I bought the one that gave me the most feedback. I chose Kala KA-TEM. Another reason was that I bought a used one from Amazon for about $80. It had the richest sound, so it made sense. However, it has some problems that I need to fix. Since I am able to do that, it made the most sense to me.

If this wasn’t available used I would probably have bought the Cordoba 15TM. This was the best quality instrument and the sound was okay.

Let me know your favorite, either below or on YouTube.

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