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Ultimate Guitar Bar Chord Exercise

Man playing guitar on bench
Man playing bar chords on a bench

Play through the Ultimate Guitar Bar Chord Exercise song on this page to develop:

  • Ability to recognize and change chords quickly
  • Skill and control to change chords efficiently
  • Muscles in the hand and arm that you need to play good sounding chords

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Get the Chord Charts & TAB

The Chord Chart and TAB will be available soon!

Guitar Chord Charts Notebook  – Blank 12-fret guitar charts with TAB/staff lines – handy 6″ x 9″ size. Has page numbers and blank Contents pages. Keep your chord charts and music notes in one place.

What is the Exercise?

Based on an old Christian Hymn, this exercise features basic major and minor chords that you can strum as full 5 and 6 string bar chords. Although the chords are simple, the chord progression has some complexity that makes this the Ultimate Bar Chord Exercise.

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Watch the Bar Chords Being Played

Ultimate Bar Chord Exercise

Scroll down to download the FREE PDF TAB and Chord Sheet.

Free Bar Chord Course

If you are at the stage where you find bar chords difficult, try my FREE Udemy course on the following page. Follow the exercises in that course and work your way up to playing 5 and 6 string bar chords.

Free TAB and Chord Sheet

Download the Ultimate Guitar Bar Chord Exercise: Hills of the North Rejoice

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