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30 Days Segovia Scale Practice Results

When you do 30 days of Segovia Scale practice results may vary. But you WILL feel the difference in your playing if you’ve been diligent in your practice. I recently did that and found some surprising effects that I had not expected. See the video below on my 30th day. Perhaps it doesn’t look too […]

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Play the Segovia Scales for 30 Days

Try playing Segovia Scales for 30 days and experience improved finger independence, strength and agility. Long established by Andres Segovia to develop good classical guitar technique, these scales can benefit players of any style. Hungry? Get some healthy cookies! (affiliate links below may pay a commission to this site), then watch the video about playing […]

Scale Exercises

Improve Memory Guitar Exercises

These “Improve Memory Guitar Exercises” challenge your short term memory. How? By sequencing a number of notes from a scale then repeating the same number of notes beginning on the next scale note. Then continue, starting a new sequences on each succeeding note of the scale. This challenges you to keep in mind the previous […]