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ChordPulse Video Tutorials

Watch the ChordPulse Video tutorials below for real examples of how to use this virtual backing band software. See how ChordPulse is an effective and alternative to Band-in-A-Box.

See other Band-In-A-Box alternatives on this page.

View of ChordPulse interface
Deceptively easy yet powerful ChordPulse interface

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ChordPulse Pros and Cons


  • Simple interface
  • Powerful features “under the hood”
  • 184 music grooves to apply in real time
  • Fast creation of structured songs (intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc..)


  • Could use a few more styles with more time signatures
  • Only Windows based (it would be very useful on a tablet or phone)

Watch This Video Tutorial First

There are two ChordPulse Video Tutorials on this page. Watch the one directly below first for an overview of the program. Then watch the second video to learn about other features.

ChordPulse Hidden Features

Get to know more of the useful “hidden” features of ChordPulse while creating a structured chord progression. The progression has an Intro, two Verses, two Choruses and an Ending section.

Watch more videos and view the detailed instructions on the chordPulse website below.

Guitar Chord Charts Notebook  – Blank 12-fret guitar charts with TAB/staff lines – handy 6″ x 9″ size. Has page numbers and blank Contents pages. Keep your chord charts and music notes in one place.

Where to Get ChordPulse

Visit to download an unrestricted 14-day trial version. Other versions include a Player, a limited 4-chord version and various other useful programs.

Who is this program for?

Singers, instrumentalists, composers and song-writers can all benefit from ChordPulse. It’s a great sketch pad for ideas. because you can write a chord progression faster that any other software that I know of.

And then you can loop sections and sample all of the different styles while playing the chord progressions.

Transpose whole songs with a few clicks, even during playback to find the best key for vocalists.

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