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Classical Guitar Fingernails

How to Shape Your Fingernails for Classical Guitar

Picture of Hand Showing Classical Guitar Fingernails
Classical Guitar Fingernails – image

Anyone starting to play Classical Guitar may get bewildered at the amount of information there is on How to Shape Your Fingernails for Classical Guitar. Watch below to learn a straightforward method of deciding how to shape your nails.

This video is part of beginners’ classical guitar courses currently available on Skillshare, and soon to be available on Udemy. Check below for available courses.

Classical Guitar Fingernails – how to shape your fingernails for classical and fingerstyle guitar

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Classical Guitar Fingernails (fake)

Sometimes you may have problems with breaking fingernails. Did you know that there are products to help with that? Try these products that you can even shape like your own fingernails. They may help.

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