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Playing a Bar Chord on Guitar
Playing a Bar Chord on Guitar

Here is a list of Chord Pages on that have FREE PDF downloads.

look inside Deluxe Guitar Chord Encyclopedia Composed by William Bay. Bluegrass, Contemporary, Perfect binding. Encyclopedia. All styles. Book. 144 pages. Mel Bay Publications, Inc #93283. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.93283).
look inside Ultimate Guitar Chords Barre Chords. Composed by Don Latarski. Guitar Method or Supplement. The Ultimate Guitar Chord Book Series. Book. 48 pages. Alfred Music #00-0373B. Published by Alfred Music (AP.0373B).
look inside The AMA Guitar Chord Book Saddle-stitched, Contemporary, Technique, Theory and Reference. All styles. Book. 120 pages. AMA Verlag #610109E. Published by AMA Verlag (MB.610109E).

Beyond FREE PDF Chord Pages – get a FREE Course to Develop Bar Chords

Are you at the stage where you’ve already learned most of the regular open string chords, but struggle to master bar chord technique? Like any athletic activity, the hand muscles used to play guitar need to be trained.

Get the training you need and take this no pain, only GAIN, way to master bar chords on guitar.

Take the full course on Udemy: How to Play Guitar Bar Chords.

Find FREE pdf downloads of useful blank TAB, Staff and Chord charts. Find some great books and affiliate links too. Your purchases help to support this site.

Guitar Practice Log book – Weekly Planner: 10 row practice log, 4 multipurpose TAB/staff lines, fretboard length blank chord chart  Lasts well over 2 Years – 1 page per week.

Guitar Songs & Book Reviews

Checkout the links below that review guitar books and a number of song tutorials available on this site.

Watch video reviews of some great guitar books here.

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