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Guitar Chords and Strumming

When you say “guitar chords and strumming” it might create the image of someone bashing away on guitar to accompany a song.

But that doesn’t mean that these skills are just for beginners. Or, that it doesn’t take skill to play them well.

Guitar player holding and strumming chords.

Many beginners start with strumming chords, but that process will be harder without good advice and a good method.

Over the years, as a guitar teacher, I’ve had opportunities to teach many students young and old. Some students were excellent players of other instruments, and I even taught music teachers. Yet THEY still had difficulty playing and strumming basic chords.

Certainly, for my students with established music skills, it wasn’t a case of a lack of finger coordination. What they needed was to be shown a good approach and method to learn strumming and how to play chords.

How the backing track for Guitar Chords and Strumming for Beginners was Made

Considering my experience with helping others, I decided to create a course called “Guitar Chords and Strumming for Beginners.” Download the free booklet for the course below.

Guitar Chords and Strumming for Beginners Course

Use this link to “Guitar Chords and Strumming” course, including a month (current offer Nov 2022) of free Skillshare here.

Own the “Guitar Chords and Strumming” course with lifetime access on Udemy here.

How Does “Guitar Chords and Strumming for Beginners” Work?

It teaches you how to change chords smoothly and efficiently with the left hand (fretting hand). Meanwhile, as you hold down and change chords you learn to strum and keep time with the right hand.

If that seems complicated, it’s really not because it’s broken down for you.

   First… you’ll work on the left hand to learn all of the most important chord shapes.

   Then… just as important, you’ll practice the most efficient way to change chords. 

        Important!!! You must develop this step so that you can make fast effortless chord changes when required.

   Next… you learn right hand rhythm techniques using the chord shapes that you are now comfortable with.

   Finally… combining the whole process you expand your rhythm playing skills.

After you master your skills as a good “strummer,” the next step is to learn bar chords.

Download the FREE Course Booklet

Download the FREE course booklet that accompanies the Guitar Chords and Strumming course here. You’ll get all of the exercises and chord charts for the chords in the course.

Then if you REALLY want the jump-start your progress to learn chords and strumming, take my course on Udemy or SkillShare. You won’t regret it, and there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Bar Chords – the Next Frontier

Barchords are a milestone for guitar players, yet some players struggle with them for years. Like any skill, having someone to show you the steps is a huge plus.

Take a look at my course called “How to Play Guitar Bar Chords.” Just like Guitar Chords and Strumming course, the approach is a progressive one.

You can’t imagine a powerful body-builder bench-lifting those 300 lb (136 kg) plus weights without working up to that level. Why should that be any different with other skills? It’s not! And it has to be a whole lot easier than lifting 300 lb!

Get coupons for my bar chord course over here.

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