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Learn Guitar Bar Chords

Learn Guitar Bar Chords – the courses

Learn Guitar Bar Chords” is the name of a guitar course currently available on Skillshare and Udemy. Use the discounted affiliate links for the courses below.

Person playing guitar holding down a bar chord with a sheep looking at the barre chord.
What does a sheep say when it sees someone playing a perfect barre chord?…..baaa!

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Watch “8 Tips to Play Perfect Bar Chords”

The video below shows an introduction to the Bar Chord course as well as “8 Tips to Play Perfect Bar Chords.”

8 Tips to play perfect Bar Chords

Why Playing Guitar Bar Chords is the Most Important Skill

When I started guitar I was fortunate to learn classical guitar. A lot of other players who are self-taught don’t have the benefit of a teacher to guide them in learning these skills. Bar chords can be a particularly difficult skill to master.

This skill is typically not for absolute beginners. In fact it’s almost like a rite of passage that a guitar player must pass through to be considered as not a beginner.

To succeed at playing bar chords, it’s important to allow time for these skills to develop. The best way is learn barre chord technique is from a teacher if you can.

However, the second best way is to take a course alike the one on this page and follow the exercises designed to ease you into barre chord, or bar chord, playing.

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Man playing classifal guitar

Learn Easy Classical Guitar Solos

Udemy Course Link

Skillshare Course Link

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