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Guitar Foot Stools

Guitar foot stools are standard equipment for classical guitar players. However, even non-classical players benefit from using a foot rest for playing guitar.

Guitar foot stool or foot rest used to raise one leg for playing guitar
A folding foot stool for playing guitar

Here are some advantages of using a footstool:

  • It places the guitar in the best position to play
  • You can play with better posture and less body tension
  • It helps hold the guitar securely without creating body tension while “hanging on” to the guitar

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Which type of Guitar Foot Stool is Best?

Watch the video below to understand which type of guitar foot stool is best for you. It will help you to understand the advantages of the various types available. You can also see an example of a simple way to make your own!

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Why do you need a Foot Stool?

Many players hold and balance a guitar without the need of a foot stool. So why do you need one?

In my experience, even though I can play without one while sitting down, it’s easier to play if I use one. You can use a foot stool either under the left or right foot depending on the type of guitar.

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An acoustic 6-string guitar typically sits on the right knee. Whereas, a Classical Guitar sits well on the left knee. Whether you are strumming chords, playing classical guitar, or playing a lead guitar part, a foot stool helps you to keep control of your instrument.

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What’s so Good About Wooden Stools?

Although metal foot stools often take up the least amount of space, wooden guitar foot stools are a little nicer. A wooden foot rest feels better and more stable than a riveted steel foot rest. They also fold but they need to be a little thicker to hold the same weight as a metal stand.

Take a look at some of the options below.

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