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Connect a MIDI Keyboard to Your PC

MIDI has been around since the 1980’s as a means of triggering electronic sounds and other functions from one device to another. Connect a MIDI Keyboard or control surface to your PC and it opens up a world of possibilities. Possibilities are limited only by the controls available on the MIDI device, and the option available in the software program or app.

Have you heard of Melodyne? It’s included as part of Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio . See what it can do on this page.

MIDI means Musical Instrument Digital Interface. You can learn more about the MIDI standard here.

MIDI lets you connect digital electronic instruments or programs to each other. For example, a software notation program can control a virtual instrument in another program. MIDI also provides a means to record from a keyboard into recording software.

Watch the video below, to see how pressing, sliding or rotating keys, sliders or knobs, can trigger notes or other function from within a software program.

Mixcraft Does MIDI

Mixcraft is a software DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that can record analog sound such as from a microphone, or can record MIDI. The MIDI signal can then be used with plugins that have many different synthesized sounds.

MIDI Keyboard or Control Surface

MIDI Keyboards that have piano type keys often have additional control surface buttons too. This can be very convenient to have everything in one device.

Sometimes MIDI control surfaces do not have piano keyboards and they take up less space when you don’t need the keyboard. There are many choices and price levels so it’s good to compare and decide which features are most important to you. Price will often indicate whether something is built to take the something more durable that will

MIDI Problems & Solutions

Things do not always work as you expect. Keep operating systems, drivers and firmware up to date and you will likely have less problems. See how one solution to MIDI problems was solved in this video.

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