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Guitar Scales Around Chords

Playing scales around chords

Knowing how to play guitar scales around chords gives you a certain amount of freedom to improvise and compose. Start with the basic major chord shapes and learn the scales around those chords.

Watch the video below to see a lesson from “Guitar Fretboard Secrets,” a course available on Udemy, and now with Part 1 available on Skillshare.

Which Guitar Scales Around Chords?

Start by learning the scales associated with Major Chords first.  Learn the major scales that surround each major chord shape C, A, G, E and D.

CAGED is a commonly know concept named after the fact that those chord shapes repeat along the fretboard in the order of the word.  Knowing this is very useful to visualize and play chords in different positions around the fretboard.

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The Guitar Fretboard Secrets has play-along videos to learn all of the major scales around all five chords. Learn more about the other things that you will learn from this course here.

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