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Guitar Fretboard Secrets

Guitar fretboard being played
Guitar fretboard being played

You don’t need to know these Guitar Fretboard Secrets if you have a photographic memory. For those who don’t, keep reading!

First, some background. I was fortunate to have had classical guitar lessons from 8 years old. In the beginning I learned to read comfortably playing in a few keys in open position. Later as I took on more advanced music pieces, I had to play up the fretboard.

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Guitar Fretboard – Secret No.1

Some of the pieces that I took on had me playing all over the fretboard. But here is the secret that I didn’t share with my teachers: I was playing from memory! Sometimes I would get it right and sometimes not.

When I got it wrong and was challenged by my teacher, I used to go into a cold sweat, trying to figure out where those notes on the sheet were on the fretboard. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know. Of course – he knew.

Other Guitar Fretboard Secrets

So how did I eventually improve my lack of fretboard knowledge? Watch this video and find out the Fretboard Secrets that I want to share with you.

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