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How to Play Romanza

Learn how to play Romanza, aka Romance or Spanish Romance, in the following video. Although at first it may seem easy to play, you’ll quickly run into some bar chords that present some challenges.

Man playing Romanza on Guitar
Man Playing Guitar – Photo by zibik on Unsplash

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to finger the bar chord shapes that you will need to master in order to play this well. The video covers the first part of Romanza, which is in a the key of E Major.

Watch “How to Play Romanza”

Romanza Soundtrack

It’s always helpful to listen to something being played before you learn to play it. Listen to the track below to become familiar with both parts before you learn how to play Romanza.

The second part of this music is in the parallel key of E minor. Compared to the first part, it’s a little more difficult to play due to some finger stretches that you need to master while holding down bar chords. Here is a link to the audio track of the entire piece that I made a few years ago.

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Download Romanza TAB & Notation File

Download SPANISH ROMANCE FREE SHEET MUSIC PDF of this piece here. Or, if you want to develop your barring abilities more, consider my book Guitar Lessons in Real Time Level 3 available on Amazon. It contains more music focused on developing bar chords.

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