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Do your guitar strings have the blues?


String companies are now making pure nickel blues guitar strings that have solid nickel windings.  DR and other String Companies now market these as Blues strings. Nickel is a material that has different magnetic and hardness properties from that of stainless steels commonly used for strings. These properties produce a more mellow sound. But is this mellow sound better for the blues, and is it the right sound for you?

Listen to this back-to-back comparison of steel vs nickel wound guitar strings

For guitarists, the latest is NOT always the greatest. The pursuit of tone and what sounds best always trumps how new or old the technology is.

Solid nickel windings are an old technology that have been around since the 1950’s. They have made a comeback in recent years. Will stringing your guitar with these solid nickel strings give your guitar the blues?

Watch the video to hear the difference that a thicker set of DR Blues pure nickel strings makes, verses standard strings used on an electric guitar.

Both sets of strings in the video were used on the same guitar with identical tone and effects applied (except for a slight volume adjustment due to the heavier string gauge of the nickel strings).

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DR Strings Pure Blues Pure Nickel Wrap Round Core 11-50

Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Slinky Set, .010-.046

DR Strings Pure Blues Pure Nickel Wrap Round Core 10-46

Ernie Ball 2215 Skinny Top Heavy Bottom (3-pack)

DR Strings Pure Blues Pure Nickel Wrap Round Core 9-46

Ernie Ball Classic Pure Nickel Super Slinky Set, .009 – .042

String winders

Every guitarist should own a string winder tool. Not only do they save time to wind the strings, but they usually have other tools built into them. For example, if you own a steel string acoustic guitar, the string winder may also have a peg puller feature. They also are likely to have a string cutter to trim the ends of the strings. One tool can last a long time, if not a lifetime. Order one today along with your new strings to make your string changing easier and faster.

D’Addario Accessories Pro-Winder Guitar String Winder and Cutter – All-In-1 Restringing Tool – Includes Clippers, Bridge Pin Puller, Peg Winder – Fits Most Guitars

Lemon oil for guitars

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