Guitar Practice Hacks

Most of us have little free time, yet we want to devote time to the instrument that we love. Here are some Guitar Practice Hacks to help you get the most out of your practice.

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How often, how long and how to REALLY make practice a habit

All right, so what we are going to do is to take a look at some Guitar Practice Hacks. And this is so that you’ll be able to practice smart and save time.
First of all, why do we need to practice?

Essentially we want to achieve something. That’s why we are gonna go through this process of practicing. And we might want to play a piece of music. We might want to become good at improvising, or improve our music reading. Or, just become a better performer. And if you’re taking
lessons then you want to show progress every week.

So, the other thing is that if you practice regularly what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna be able to develop the muscles and the coordination in your hands to be able to play the things that you really want to play.

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