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Dorico 4 Tips and Tricks

Dorico 4 From a Guitarists Perspective I usually don’t have much patience with software that isn’t easy to figure out. However, I gave Dorico, starting with version 3.5, more time than usual for three reasons. It’s not just a legacy program that’s been around for decades It promises to be a “desktop publishing” software to […]

Educational Software Reviews and How tos

Windows 11 Upgrade Advice

To be able to give Windows 11 upgrade advice you really need experience with Windows 11 right? Actually, the experience that I want to share with you, is in going through multiple operating system (OS) upgrades over the years. Then having to deal with the consequences. How Bad Could it Be? Why do I need […]

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Gift Ideas for Musicians

Below are some very cool gift ideas for musicians. You can also find MORE IDEAS on =>>> THIS page. A really cool gift idea for a musician is something that you may not think of. In fact I bought several of these for myself. However I want to caution you about what kind to buy […]

Guitar Christmas Songs

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, also know as The Christmas Song was written by Bob Wells and Mel Torme. Find out more about the song here on Wikipedia. Get the guitar chords for the song below and watch tutorial videos. Nat King Cole recorded the song, and it has been a very popular seasonal […]

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Scarborough Fair Guitar Tutorial

The Scarborough Fair Guitar Tutorial below is an arrangement for acoustic or classical guitar. You need to be able to play bar chords so it’s intended for intermediate players. If you haven’t yet mastered bar chords, take the FREE course on this page. Watch the first video below to hear the acoustic guitar performance, then […]

Mixcraft Tips and Tricks

Mix Drumkits in Mixcraft

Combine any drum from built-in drumkits to create your own unique kit There is a good selection of built-in drumkits in Mixcraft. However, when you select a kit, you only have control over the pre-mixed kit that Mixcraft provides. Of course, you can use tone controls and effects each kit, but you don’t have individual […]

Online Courses

Guitar Fretboard Map pdf

Why it’s important to learn the guitar fretboard You spend a lot of years practicing and playing guitar so it’s important to make the most of it. Whether you are a rock-guitar improvisor or a classical guitarist, it’s essential to know where you are on the fretboard. One way to learn the fretboard is to […]


Guitar Sleep Music

Try some Guitar Sleep Music to help you take a power nap. I don’t know about you, but I often loose energy in late afternoon. Of course you can fight through it and keep going, but certainly for me, I can concentrate better after taking a power nap. The video down below can help you […]

Acoustic Guitar Educational

Amazing Grace Fingerstyle Guitar

Amazing Grace Fingerstyle Guitar arrangement featured in the video on this page was created with minimum bar chords. You could say that the level of difficulty of this fingerstyle arrangement is “easyish.” If you are not an experienced player, your difficulty may be in playing some of the chord stretches and some unavoidable bar chords. […]

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Berklee Online Course Tips

Below is a transcript of the video about Berklee Online Course Tips. Watch to get practical advice on how to get the best long term benefits for your investment in Berkelee and other college level courses. Check out Berklee College Courses with this link. In this video I am going to give you some tips […]